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My Fancy Brain! consists of Erica Schapiro-Sakashita, Michaela Baird Coffield, Myla Fay, Shannon Finnegan & Zina Goodall. We like to post things we've made and projects we're working on.


 The comedy life of me and my friend Hank is called “WEIRD WEIRD GIANTS”. This is a video we pooped out this week!



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colored in valentines.  show us yours!

colored in valentines.  show us yours!

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IT’S THAT TIME OF YEAR! My Fancy Brain print-at-home valentines are here!!

Print them off, color them and send them to your favorite friends!

»»Download the PDF««

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Whiteboard sign art with cat font

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I was irritated that the mailman buzzed my apartment while I was in the bathroom but my heart melted when I saw this return from the How Ya Doin’? Mail Art Project.

This is from Jemm in Zamboanga City, Phillippines. Jemm included a really sweet piece of journalism on fiction, a lovely bookmark tag and used my favorite-ever bunch of stamps.

So great.



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from the Canyon, Sept 1959

from the Canyon, Sept 1959

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Thank GIF!

You can now read THE MY FANCY BRAIN JOKEBOOK right here in its home! Where it was born! Where it belongs! Until the end of time!

Tell all your friends.

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